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Day of Mindfulness 3/7

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Mindfulist link.

Life’s a game we can not win.

Both good and bad will surely end.


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Mindful Sunday

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Enhancing: As you go about your Day of Mindfulness today, note if there are any ways you can make your home more conducive to mindfulness throughout your week. What one mindfulness-enhancing change can you make today?


…that I’m not able to share my world…

Any relationship

can end

at any time

and you may never


understand why.

More on topic, we have a thing for putting dishes to dry by the sink. I’ve been more on top of not letting things collect lately.

The little things I keep in the kitchen, like tea paraphernalia (since it’s a shared space), help me to pay more attention to the shared areas.

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Update to Mindfulist 1/25

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

DSC_0475-1So here’s one reason I love my photoprinter:

I use it to print notepaper. I mentioned this before.

I designed a basic notebook paper in Open It prints on letter size paper, and cuts down to half that.

I just couldn’t find lined notepaper in a nice cream color. So I found some nice 24 lb. printer paper.

The notebook is a Levenger Circa Livingston. There’s a brilliant series of posts reviewing the system at DIY Planner, if you think you might be interested in using them for anything other than notes. They require a little extra care, but I find the system is worth it. I have the portable punch; the punch is absolutely key, and opens up a lot of possibilities.

I also print lines on index cards, in a portrait orientation. It’s hard to find those pre-printed. I have them bound on the top edge. When necessary, they fit in the larger notebook.

They also have an amazing variety of planner pages, and a great community.

Of course, I could always print a few planner pages for other uses, but I don’t really need a planner at this point.

Besides, the paper and the notebook, on their own, give me minor inspiration to write just for the sake of using them. 

Enjoy the stationery pron.



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Mindfulist 1/30: Delay

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Next time you go to make a purchase, big or small, delay. Make the delay twice as long for online purchases – notice any sensations that arise when you delay.

My problem is the opposite of most. I dither.  I’m not a big spender to begin with, on top of which I talk myself out of things.

Can you imagine what it took for me to spend approximately one thousand dollars for my DSLR setup, three years ago?

I knew what I needed. The research had been done. Doing the deed took very little time. For me, it’s better that way.

I quash things that I should get because they aren’t a “necessity”. Never mind things that are only wants, but honestly feed my emotional health.

Do you see where my skepticism towards being honest with yourself comes from?

What you resist, persists. Let it go and all that energy you’ve bound up, all that tension, just goes away.

Let. It. Go.

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Mindfulist 1/27: Strong Emotion

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

DSC_0467-1 When a strong emotion arises, how do you respond? Click on “Participate” to download a guide on how to breathe through it, from Mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

  • I sit back and analyze.
  • I get eloquent when I’m angry. As my boss would attest.

I’ve had years of practice at stoking my anger (about something or other specific) until it burns off quick.

  • Alternatively, a good loud scream and possible hitting something (not alive; a big trash can does the job) do, in fact, help.

Of course, not all strong emotion is anger. Many strong emotions are far more subtle.

Read more…

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Mindfulist 1/25: The Necessities

January 25, 2010 1 comment

If you had just the necessities on your computer, what would they be? What applications/folders could you eliminate (or archive) today?

  • The internet.
  • Some sort of firewall and spyware.
  • Gimp or Lightroom. Must have photo processing.
  • A music program.
  • A game or two. When buying a computer, the specs are always oriented around gaming.
  • Open
  • Livewriter.

I don’t really use anything else.

The internet: email, webcomics, blogs, minor socializing.

Open Office is a nice change from Word, but I don’t need a word processor much anymore. I use the draw program to create lined documents. Like, notepaper. And portrait-oriented lined 3*5 cards. I love my photo printer. Thank you DIY Planner for the ideas.

The rest are pretty self-explanatory. Post processing is a must with digital photography. Otherwise, entertainment and a little bit of writing.

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Mindfulist 1/24: Day of Mindfulness

January 24, 2010 1 comment

Mindfulist go here.

Sometimes I think:

The only thing you can ever really ask of someone is that they be honest with themselves.

Then I think of how easy it is to inadvertently lie to yourself, and I get skeptical.

How easy it is, to take for granted. To assume. Even about yourself.

It’s amazing that we ever cross these gaps. Appreciate it while you can.

Nothing stays easy for long.

I fell down in that lazy place…


Be aware: my mood is peaceful right now. For whatever that means.

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