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I’ve got blisters on me fingers!

DSC_0541-1  …I’m sure this isn’t usually associated with tea…

My cute little gaiwan arrived today. These are a simple, and cheap, way to get started in Gongfu Cha, which is basically the Chinese tea ceremony. Much simpler than worrying about the kind of tea pot that is preferred.

And potentially dangerous. Realize that it’s fairly thin, and small (90ml=~3.5oz.), and you’re using very hot water.

My favorite sources for basic technique are at Tea Nerd. This video demonstrates the most common method. This article demonstrates a simple alternative. I used the simpler technique for the first few infusions.

The water crawled up the lip of the lid when I tried the common method. It’s a good thing the gaiwan is tougher than it looks. And a good thing I was almost done, so the tea didn’t really go to waste.

At least the tea turned out nice. You know, before then.

Yes, I’m putting together some thoughts on ritual and tea. This has been in my head for a while. It’s ultimately the same, regardless of brewing vessel. My cast iron teapot, at somewhere around 30oz. (visible in the background), provides excellent results. Part of that is practice. I’m used to it.

Soon enough, we’ll look at the next step.

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