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Update to Mindfulist 1/25

DSC_0475-1So here’s one reason I love my photoprinter:

I use it to print notepaper. I mentioned this before.

I designed a basic notebook paper in Open Office.org. It prints on letter size paper, and cuts down to half that.

I just couldn’t find lined notepaper in a nice cream color. So I found some nice 24 lb. printer paper.

The notebook is a Levenger Circa Livingston. There’s a brilliant series of posts reviewing the system at DIY Planner, if you think you might be interested in using them for anything other than notes. They require a little extra care, but I find the system is worth it. I have the portable punch; the punch is absolutely key, and opens up a lot of possibilities.

I also print lines on index cards, in a portrait orientation. It’s hard to find those pre-printed. I have them bound on the top edge. When necessary, they fit in the larger notebook.

They also have an amazing variety of planner pages, and a great community.

Of course, I could always print a few planner pages for other uses, but I don’t really need a planner at this point.

Besides, the paper and the notebook, on their own, give me minor inspiration to write just for the sake of using them. 

Enjoy the stationery pron.



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