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Mindfulist 1/25: The Necessities

If you had just the necessities on your computer, what would they be? What applications/folders could you eliminate (or archive) today?

  • The internet.
  • Some sort of firewall and spyware.
  • Gimp or Lightroom. Must have photo processing.
  • A music program.
  • A game or two. When buying a computer, the specs are always oriented around gaming.
  • Open Office.org
  • Livewriter.

I don’t really use anything else.

The internet: email, webcomics, blogs, minor socializing.

Open Office is a nice change from Word, but I don’t need a word processor much anymore. I use the draw program to create lined documents. Like, notepaper. And portrait-oriented lined 3*5 cards. I love my photo printer. Thank you DIY Planner for the ideas.

The rest are pretty self-explanatory. Post processing is a must with digital photography. Otherwise, entertainment and a little bit of writing.

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