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Mindfulist 1/22: Temporary

“We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live forever through what we give.” – Vernon Jordan

…I dismiss anything that emphasizes “living forever”. Probably a bad habit.

Of course, the emphasis is on impact. In that case, extremely selfish, damaging people are often remembered for a long, long time.

Pain is a great teacher. “Taking”, on a national level, serves as a great lesson. Often, giving and taking go together in greatness. We learn and move on.

If you hardly know the person involved, it’s likely people won’t notice the “giving”. Or rather, they will take what they can, give lip-service to thanks, and run.

Even family and friends can take this for granted. So value appreciative responses for the rarity that they often are. On a small scale, on an intimate level, this giving is most important. And yet, arguably, we remember the little hurts more.

hugAll pain affects us on a physical level. Emotional pain is reinforced by physical reactions.

I think this quote is wrong.

But: it is indicative of what we must grow towards on a personal level. We need to remember to pay attention to the gifts, and appreciate them and the people who give for their rarity.

We need to move past purely reactionary habits. Giving cultivates and expresses this state.

So pay attention.

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