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Mindfulist 1/20: Sleep

How’d you sleep last night? How does the quality of your sleep impact how aware you are throughout your day?

I slept horribly.

I was out a little later than normal, meeting some friends. So, for some reason, I had one of my nights where I’m never sure if I’ve actually fallen asleep.

What’s strange is that I’m relatively rested today. This happens from time to time, after a night like that. It certainly doesn’t work more than than once at a time.

Sometimes, when I’m very tired, people think I’m wired on caffeine. Nope. Tired just makes me weirder.

I often have dreams that are more like hallucinations. I wake up, “knowing” something. Whatever it is. Often an unseen anxiety, or outright fear. I’m awake, and I know something is wrong.

I’ve trained myself to dismiss this in as short a time as possible. To be aware that this kind of situation isn’t real. I have my mind set to override the reactions. Usually that works.

Good old sleep. I’m rarely well-rested.

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