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Medicine and Miracles

We’ve all seen news stories like this. Someone’s child just survived a major surgery. Or was hit by someone’s stray bullet and lived.

And somehow, these people delude themselves into thanking some god.

The good news is, at least they went in for medical treatment. At least they didn’t claim faith as a healer.

Nonetheless, if someone does this in your presence, I would like to make a request- slap them for me.

Okay, do it metaphorically.

Do you know what confirmation bias is? See: illusory association between events: “Illusory correlation is the tendency to see non-existent correlations, in a set of data, that fit one’s preconceptions.”

Would you thank god for his plan, if your child had died?

Ask them: did you thank the doctor yet?

How about the nurses? The orderlies? The administrative staff?

Tell them, thank the companies that make the hospital equipment.

Then thank the workers that built the hospital.

Then thank everyone who trained each doctor and employee in the building. How about their professors and their schools?

Then tell them: go out, find others whose children did not make it, or did not have medical care, and share their grief at what might have been.

Find children with no parents, and show them that loving families do exist.

Tell them, only when you have done this, when you have seen the breadth of human grief, you may then thank your god if you’re so inclined.

But dedication to humanity comes first.

(please be aware: if you haven’t seen that kind of news, this is in reference to fundamentalism. If you aren’t that kind of person, this does not apply. Except for the critical thinking. Learn to see what’s there, not what you want to be there.)


                                                                  (I know, I’ve posted this photo before. Yes, it’s a happy photo.

                                                                                                        If you see signs of god here, reread the wiki article.)

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  1. January 14, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Ask them: did you thank the doctor yet?

    Exactly, people get all wrapped up in thanking God, and forget to thank those who really performed the “miracle:” people.

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