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Mindfulist 1/7: Workplace Awareness

Mindfulist prompt: Identify three bells of awareness/mindfulness at work. For example you might, minimize Facebook when your boss walks by. Or swivel in your chair when the phone rings. What are your three?

1. Email

A large part of my job involves responding to outside emails. I generally stop whatever I’m doing when an email comes in. It’s given me a reputation for incredibly fast response times.

2. The coffee pot

I usually put on the coffee in the morning. Even if I don’t, I can hear it beep when the coffee’s ready. Through walls.

3. Coworkers

I recognize certain coworkers coming in the front door by sounds they make. Like rustling plastic bags. Or the way they open the door, the sounds the door makes. I would prefer it if I weren’t quite that aware of them, sometimes. Oh well.

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