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Transition Points

1/3 Mindfulist prompt.

Guinness Storehouse Yeast VaultIt isn’t that I don’t want to talk to people. I just prefer to not get in the way.

I’d rather not present an obstacle to someone else walking somewhere, say down the hall at work.

They have their business, I have mine. I wonder if the janitors think I’m rude. I just want to not get in their way in the morning.

You don’t brush against corners and doorframes on purpose? I don’t actually hug walls. I just give people their space. Sometimes I circle-strafe around corners. The better to practice awareness.

I listen to my joints while walking. I work on moving from the hips/tan tien. I try to maintain root when getting in and out of the car. Or when quickly u-turning around a poorly placed railing. Doesn’t matter where your feet are, try to be stable and balanced. When you walk and it feels like your  hips are floating, you feel like you’re dancing.

This is in general. But there’s a kinesthetic feeling I try to maintain, even when I’m busy doing something else.

This is all in the background. Except for when I pay attention to it.

So really, I just prefer not to present an obstacle. It’s nice to anticipate someone’s movements, and make it easier for them to pass.

Use your blinker. Turn it on noticeably before you need to actually get over. It’s about communication. You’re letting people know that, you know, maybe they shouldn’t run into you.

I like not running into other vehicles.

If I have time to wonder why you’re breaking so quickly, you haven’t done your job.

So door knobs are hinges. Pivot yourself around the door as it swings slightly out of your way. You end up in the most direct position to shut it, too.

When you push on a bar handle, don’t blast it in. Move smooth and fast, with both hands; surprise it. It will spring away like you never touched it.

Just check the other side first.

It’s good when the moment you lay hands on a door, and someone starts to pull on the other side, you feel the change and stop pressing. So nobody bangs their hands.

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